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Hotel Peninsula
Old Maylands Aerodrome
Other Achievements

Since our formation in 1992 and along with the cooperation of the Maylands Residents and Ratepayers Association, we have become an association recognised in Maylands as a defender of history, and the environment.

We have regularly met in Committee and with General meetings, and only once in the last 18 years have we had to cancel a meeting owing to inclement weather.

At most of our General meetings we have had a speaker on a historical matter, and most have been recorded on tape. Currently we hold more than 100 of these tapes, and have had 50 of them transcribed to CD. We have applied to the Lotteries for a grant to transcribe a further 50 tapes.  We hope that this grant will soon be approved.

In addition to recording historic talks, we have also conducted and recorded oral interviews with elderly people in the district.

Although we are not a museum we have collected a lot of photographs, that are being assessed. We have established a small library of historic books and detail of this area, mainly for the benefit of members. We file as many historic documents as we can gather and welcome any member who can give us assistance in filing of this material.


Hotel Peninsula.


The story of saving the Peninsula Hotel is coming soon - check back soon.

Although the Old Peninsula Hotel has previously been Heritage Listed on the State List, we were faced with the fact that the City of Bayswater attempted to rezone the building to allow it to become a Tavern. This would destroy the heritage aspect of the building as we know it, so our Society seriously opposed the Council motion, and are pleased that the Council motion was defeated.


Old Maylands Aerodrome.


One of the most rewarding achievements of our Association is to succeed in having historic buildings and or places recognised by the West Australian Heritage Commission, and or the City of Bayswater, and as a result having them listed for preservation.

Our earliest success as an Association in this work was our application in about 1993 to the West Australian Heritage Council to have the Old Maylands Aerodrome (1924-1963) placed on the West Australian List of Heritage Places.

As this Aerodrome was built at Maylands to support West Australian Airways Ltd. flying the first commercial air service in Australia (before Qantas), we regard this as a significant achievement for our Association. We are currently designing a Commemorative Park to be built at the entrance of the old Aerodrome, in memory of the aerodrome activities.


Other Achievements.


We have also succeeded in having the 1920 shops in Whatley Crescent Maylands listed on the West Australian Heritage List, and we are currently defending the other old shops in Eighth Avenue Maylands.

Our work with various applications and letters to defend historic buildings is too great to list here, but it is part of our most rewarding work.

As a change from our regular work, we also attend historic functions and display photographs of historic buildings of Maylands, and old aircraft that operated from the old Maylands Aerodrome.  Occasionally we travel to other Historical Societies to bond and meet people with similar interests.