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Our Committees: Past & Present

Our Association was formed in October 1992 at a public meeting held in the Maylands Library. We were promoted by the Maylands Ratepayers and Residents Association and declared the Maylands Historical Society by the Mayor of the City of Stirling.

We were officially registered on the 1st December 1992, as the Maylands Historical Society Incorporated. On the 5th June 2003, we changed our name to the Maylands Historical and Peninsula Association Inc. to reflect the caretaker work we help with at the Old Peninsula Hotel in Maylands, in addition to our other historical work.


The objects of the Association are (as detailed in our Constitution):

  • To collect,classify and preserve records relating to the history of Maylands and surrounding areas.
  • To preserve the natural and built heritage of the Maylands area.
  • To generate a strong civic pride in the Maylands area from all sections of the community and to encourage fellowship of an historic nature.
  • To purchase,lease,hire or by any other legal means acquire any real or personal estate necessary or covenient for the purpose of the Association.
  • To buy, sell, supply and deal in all kinds of apparatus and all kinds of provisions, liquid and solid, required or used by members of the Association.
  • To hire and employ all classes of persons whose services may be deemed necessary for the purposes of the association.
  • To invest moneys of the Association not immediately required for any of its objects in such a manner as from time to time may be determined.
  • To do all such other lawful things as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the objects aforesaid or any of them.


There were quite a few members of the Maylands Ratepayers and Residents Association (MRRA) and in the Maylands community who were interested in history of the Maylands district, but there was no organisation to which they could belong. A motion was passed at a MRRA meeting in 1992, inviting persons to form an historical organisation to defend historic matters in Maylands and surrounding districts. A small committee, which met privately, was formed to consider the proposition, and having received a positive opinion from the community proceeded with arrangements.

Our formation meeting was held in the Maylands Library in October 1992, where the Mayor of the City of Stirling welcomed our interest and declared our Society established.

The founding executives were then appointed and the Management Committee formed. We then proceeded with official registration under the Association Incorporations Act 1987.

We negotiated rental of a committee room at the Old Peninsula Hotel in Maylands, and arranged for our General Meetings to be held there in the Old Dining Room. At a later date we met in what was known as the Moontime Room. This room in the Hotel was at one stage the Billiard Parlour, having a capacity of about 50 persons. Its acoustics were very good for our purpose. The strange name came from the fact that at one time a private school of that name occupied the room for several years.

Since those early days we have always met at the Peninsula Hotel, an historic hotel built in 1906.   We now have a permanent committee room allocated as part of leasing arrangements. We continue to hold our General Meetings in what was the large dining room of the Old Peninsula Hotel built in 1906.

The whole of the Peninsula building is now leased to Dome Coffees (commencing in 2009) as a Coffee shop and as their head quarters, but we still occupy our room and continue with our meetings as before. Dome Coffees are excellent landlords and have proved themselves to be community minded.  

Our Achievements.

While we still hold our regular meetings at the Peninsula Hotel on the third Monday of each month, in 2012, the City of Bayswater provided the association with a lease for the Old Police Station. On Friday 19th October, 2012, we commenced operations from the building with an opening attended by past and current members, City of Bayswater Councillors and Mayor and other members of the public. The Old Police Station is open to the public each Wednesday.